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Manna Program

The Manna Program is one of our most successful, on-going fundraisers!  It really is a “no brainer,” since it brings in funds from outside the parish and incurs very little operating expense!

Click this link to download the PDF Family Order form

Below are some frequently asked questions:

I’ve heard the name but don’t know what the program involves
Simply put, the school purchases gift certificates from local merchants at a discount and sells them to school families and parishioners for “face value.”  For example, the school pays $96 for a $100 Jewel gift card.  You, however, have $100 to spend at Jewel.

How do I participate?
The program could not be easier.  Each school day, we sell certificates in the school office from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  In addition, certificates for our regular vendors are available in the Church lobby each Sunday from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. You can receive your certificates with absolutely no “wait time.”  We also have an extensive list of vendors that are available as “special orders.”  Payment may be made with cash or a check after your first order.

Where did the program come from?

For at least the last fifteen years, the Manna program has helped with school funding and rebates for family tuition.

The program took its name from the Old Testament story of Moses.  If you remember, after Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt, they found themselves starving in the desert.  The story tells us that God provided food for the people each day.  The food, which the people called “manna”, formed on the ground each morning—and all the Jewish people needed to do was pick it up.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see the connection to our local fundraising effort.  The program does not cost participants anything.  They receive a dollar’s worth of merchandise for each dollar they spend.

What can I do to help?

The more school families and parishioners who participate, the larger our rebates.  If we could add 100 families who would just purchase grocery and gasoline certificates, we’d be well on our way to meeting our goal.

Why is this important?

In these harsh economic times, with school tuition rising and family incomes being stretched to the limit, it is extremely important that we search for revenue sources outside of the parish.  The Manna Program is a perfect fit.  The total rebates to families and school fundraising proceeds last year were over $22,000!  That’s all money that came to our school from “outside.”  For example, several of our merchants made significant “contributions.”  Jewel, over $7,000; Freshline, $1,000; Kohl, $2,000; Speedway, $3,500, Walgreen, $375).

We did not have to ask parish members or school families for it.  Basically, it was “free money” donated by people outside of our parish community.

What vendors are available?

We normally stock the vendors listed below.  The list also shows the “denominations” that are available and the rebate %.

See the Order Form below for specific Stores and their discounts.   Click this link to download the PDF Family Order form



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