strong emphasis on developing literacy and numeracy skills


good sportsmanship

refine the skills

Intramural and interscholastic activities compliment and enhance a school’s physical education program.  They are a natural extension of the school curriculum and provide a well-rounded physical education program. At any time these programs may be changed, altered, added or subtracted as the need may arise. The Athletic Association Board works in conjunction with the Pastor and Principal to coordinate this parish program.

Extra Curricular-Sports Participation Permission Form


  • girls basketball


  • boys basketball
  • girls volleyball


  • girls soccer
  • girls golf
  • boys soccer
  • boys golf
  • boys volleyball
  • lacrosse club
  • running club

Our athletic program is a parish program.

Students From Both The School And The Religious Education Program Are Eligible To Participate.


The educational impact of participating in a sports program is unique. Participation in sports can:

A well-balanced physical education program should provide:


Our goal is to help parents choose the best school for their situation.  Our balanced curriculum with well-rounded programs include strong academic & character building.


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