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St. Germaine knows that for students to be successful, they need to be comfortable.

Kindergarten through 8th grade highlights:

(Pre-school students are not required to wear uniforms)

  • Students wear dress uniforms 3x a week, gym uniform 2x a week (see handbook for additional uniform information).
  • On Gym days, students wear gym uniforms all day.
  • Sensible gym shoes can be worn every day of the week, even on non-gym days.
  • Plaid jumpers (K-4) and Skirts (5-8) with a white uniform blouse or knit polo shirt.
  • Jumpers and blouses may be purchased at Schoolbelles or Martinellis. Knit polo shirts can be any brand. School Belles Online Order Form
  • Navy pants with white polo shirts. Any brand pants and shirts are acceptable.
Gym Uniforms
  • Navy St. Germaine short sleeve shirts and shorts in the warmer weather.
  • Navy St. Germaine sweatpants and sweatshirts for the cooler weather.
  • Gym uniforms are worn on gym days (2 days a week).
  • Gym uniforms may be worn daily from first day of school through September 15th, and again after a designated date at the end of the school year.
  • Gym uniforms are ordered through the Family School Association.
  • Gym Uniform Order Form

St. Germaine does not require the children to bring and change into their uniforms on gym days to make it easier on both the children and parents.

Fleece Jackets, optional
  • Navy fleece, zippered jackets with St. Germaine embroidered insignia and last name may be ordered through the Family School Association.
  • The jacket may be worn with school or gym uniforms.
  • Embroidered last names has helped practically eliminate lost sweatshirts!
Gently Used *Free* Uniform Exchange Twice a Year!
  • The Family School Association hosts a semi-annual free uniform exchange. Families can donate gently used uniforms to be handed down to other school families.
  • This uniform exchange is typically held at book registration and the last day of school.

Our goal is to help parents choose the best school for their situation.  Our balanced curriculum with well-rounded programs include strong academic & character building.


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