Join us for the 2020 Germazing Virtual Race 5K Run/Walk
June 20th – 30th Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on June 3rd

The Germazing Race Committee knows that the health and safety or our community is of the utmost importance.  Keeping our families safe is our priority, therefore we are going virtual!  Plan on getting registered and get your 5K groove on anytime between June 20th-June 30th.  Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on June 3rd.  More details to come and as always, THANK YOU for supporting the technology for the students of St. Germaine and our community’s local food pantry.  You are making a difference!

For race questions or to become a Race Sponsor, please contact us at:


UPDATE: Saturday April 25th. 2020

Long time, no talk! Are you guys hanging in there? This is such a weird, trying time. Events are being canceled, birthdays are being missed, graduations are being postponed – just to name a few. In fact, today was supposed to be the 10th Annual Germazing Race. It’s currently 45 degrees (feels like 39 degrees) and rain is in the forecast all day. You can now consider the postponement of the race a gift from the Germazing Race Committee. Thanks, guys!

So…10 years! They couldn’t cancel something so amazing, so the Germazing Race Committee turned it into a VIRTUAL RACE! Germazing! You will now have 10 days (my style) to log your 5K or 3.1 miles. Want to know what’s new and what’s not? Let’s take a look.


• It’s virtual.
• The date. It will now take place between June 20th and June 30th, so you can do it whenever it works for you!
• The shirt. It will be short sleeve. Don’t even. We know you love the long sleeve tees, but summer and short sleeves go hand in hand.
• Packet pick-up. It will be drive-thru style – again, a gift! No running to pick up packets. Drive into St. Germaine’s parking lot, roll down your window – DONE!


• When you register by 11:59 pm on June 3rd, you will still get a tee shirt!
• The tee shirt can still be used as a gym shirt for your kids. (Thanks, Mr. Reedy!)
• The first 100 participants are still eligible for a FREE TOTE from the St. Germaine Alumni Association (Get those registrations in, I hear there’s about 30 left!)
• Your kids can still sign up for the Kids Dash. Take them on a bike ride, give them an obstacle course, go for a walk…it’s whatever you like! ($10 per kid and a free shirt? A steal!)
• You can still record your race results. (We know some of you are die hards)
• You can still be a sponsor! Sign up as a Family Sponsor ($30) and get your name on the back of these amazing new tees. (Rep yo’self)
• You can still invite your family, friends, and co-workers to participate. (As always, the more, the merrier!)
• Maybe most important – you will still be supporting St. Germaine’s technology initiative and the Our Lady at St. Germaine Food Pantry. What would we do without our Chrome Books right now? I don’t even want to think about it. Well, let’s…you have three kids at home, all e-Learning, all trying to use one computer. That’s a no thanks. This is possibly one of the most incredible ways you can help St. Germaine. And not to down play the food pantry. They deserve love, too. Speaking of which, they are still accepting food donations even though they are currently closed. On your next essential grocery trip, if you are able, consider adding on some items for the food pantry. And remember, kids benefit from the food pantry, too. Maybe some fun cereal or pop tarts or some granola bars? You can drop your donation in the wooden box right outside of the Church doors in the parking lot. So easy!
Do you have more questions? You might. That’s why our registration site now includes an FAQ section! Brilliant! Have an FAQ that’s not on the list? Shoot an email to – they are happy to help! Want the most up to date info? Like the Germazing Race Facebook page!

This year’s Germazing Race was meant to be BIG. Like big BIG. 10 years BIG. 10 years deserves a celebration and who better to do it than our Germaniacs. Get your family registered today and help make this our best year yet! Now is our time to shine!

And now, for sticking with me, a meme…


The Chimino Family

The McNeela Family

The O’Shea Family

O’Shea – Class of ’90 & ’93

Miller Family

St. Germaine Teachers

Kevin Reedy

Hayes Family

Robert & Anna Mae McCann Memorial Fund

A Bit of Eden Landscaping

Maria Zdebski

Talbert-Mikutis Family

Mayo Family

Chesniak Family

Donnelly – Class of ’12, ’15, ’16, ’21

Burns Family

Alexander Family

Judy Kiely

Garza Family

Rahn Family

Rosenbaum Family

Moran Family – Class of ’13, ’13, ’17

Finnell Family

Ziolkowski Family


Madden Family

Rahn – Class of ’14, ’16, ’21

Race Route

Germazing Race Route 2020