Our Technology

Technology Available for Students

  • In 2016, each student in grades 5-8 received school-owned chromebooks for use in classroom activities and assignments at home.
  • In 2017, each student in grades 1-4 also received chromebooks.
  • Students in our pre-school and kindergarten are using IPADs
  • Access to chromebooks enable us to expand out blended learning strategies and increase student engagement in the learning process.
  • Students in all grades access appropriate, high-quality learning platforms:
    Gooru, PowerMyLearning, Khan Academy, Mathletics, Read Theory, and No Red Ink.
    Students in grades 6-8 have a wide variety of materials developed by each of the teachers.
    The materials include reading selections, power point presentations, videos, and study guides for the materials they are covering in class.
  • Technology class instruction includes using Microsoft Office applications, internet use/safety, coding and other appropriate topics.