Student Activities

At St. Germaine, our students realize a well rounded education, including academics, religious, and extra curricular activities.  Each student is encouraged to find their “niche” or explore multiple activities.

We highlight several of the on-going programs that are offered to students as extension to their learning.  Other activities are included whenever opportunities present themselves!

Our School/Student Activities

All St. Germaine and Religious Education students in 5th through 8th grade are welcome to become altar servers. Training is provided to all new altar servers. Students typically serve one to two times per month and schedules are distributed quarterly. Servers are also needed periodically for funerals, weddings and other special masses.

The band program is offered to all St. Germaine students in grades 4th through 8th.

Band lessons take place on Thursdays after school under the instruction of Mr. Pat Mooney. Summer Band is also offered.

Members of the band perform at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Additionally, the band takes field trips to perform with bands from other schools.

The choir program is offered to all St. Germaine students from 2nd through 8th grades. Choir practice takes place once a week after school under the instruction of our Music Director, Terri Lenz.

Members of the choir sing at masses throughout the year, Holy Day and Christmas Eve masses, and special concerts.

The Craft Class is available to St. Germaine students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. The class is typically offered three times per year – Fall, Christmas and Spring.  The 6-8th grade students have an opportunity to help the younger students.

Annual 4th Grade field trip that provides a unique opportunity to learn about the livestock industry and agriculture.  Student Danny says, “a fantastic agricultural experience.”

Students and their families come together by grade level to celebrate and worship.  Students participate in several aspects of the mass and the fellowship continues after mass with light refreshments.

The eighth grade students prepare and present a moving performance recalling the events of Holy Week prior to Easter. The play includes contemporary music with students performing all of the roles. It is one of the high points of their eighth grade year.

We offer a two week pre-school summer camp at the end of June. The camp is open to 3, 4 and 5 year-olds. Sessions are held from 8:30 until 11:30. Students can participate for one of the weeks or both. Each day focuses on a theme that allows for sharing stories, songs, and hands-on activities. Participants explore a simple science concept as a part of the day’s activities.

Girl Scouts: Each girl scout troop is headed up by 2 or 3 trained volunteer adults. The Girls Scouts organization offers informal educational activities of many kinds. Activities and projects include trips, earning patches, arts and crafts, singing, camping and doing service projects. They continue to offer girls opportunities to learn new skills, to have new experiences, to make new friends, and to grow in ability as well as do service projects for the community.

Cub Scouts: The Cub Pack strives to bring families together to support the boys in learning all they can, and have fun. Additionally; it teaches young boys timeless values and sends them in the right direction and helps all boys advance to the next level of scouting. Some fun activities include the Halloween Party, Pinewood Derby, Fishing Derby, Rocket Derby, various hiking and camping events and community service projects.

The Messengers of Mercy is a service group for families who are looking for opportunities to serve their community and beyond. The group meets periodically throughout the year to engage in family friendly service projects. Some examples of of service projects to get the family involved:

  • Homeless Lunches
  • Rake leaves for elderly parishioners in the Fall
  • Prepare Birthday bundles for the food pantry
  • Yearbook – students capture special events through out the year to include in the yearbook and help to plan the layout, etc.
  • Passion Play – A moving performance of the Passion after months of practice held the week before Easter.
  • Springfield – Students enjoy a trip to the state capital.
  • Great America – This trip takes place the week of graduation.
  • Ribbon Breakfast – A special mass and breakfast for 8th graders and their parents
  • 8th Grade Dance – A wonderful evening of refreshments, music and pictures.
  • Recycling Club
  • Pack the House

The after-school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program allows students to participate with interactive projects that move their experience of science beyond the textbook. STEM programs are offered periodically throughout the school year for varying grade levels and interests.

Student groups work cooperatively to plan and design their project and put their ideas into action. With the teachers who supervise the program, the students will experiment (often by trial and error) with different designs. They are encouraged to re-design their projects to make them more effective. At then end of the day, students not only put STEM concepts to practical use, but also learn the value of working together toward a common goal.

Vacation Bible School is offered for one week during the summer. All area children are invited to attend. VBS meets each day form 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and ends the week with a performance for the parents. VBS also provides opportunities for some older St. Germaine students to serve as helpers and leaders.