Throughout Scripture we read of covenants between God and God’s people. Covenant is pivotal to the understanding of our relationship with God. It also describes the relationship of the members of our parish community to one another.

A covenant differs from a legal contract in a number of fundamental ways. A covenant agreement is one that is made out of love. It is a voluntary and mutual pledge to grow together in relationship. A contract, on the other hand, is a binding legal obligation designed to protect the rights of one party from being neglected or infringed upon by another.

A covenant, since it represents a loving relationship, has room to grow in generosity and mutual support. A contract, by nature, is an end in itself. Nothing more is expected. It defines the “bare minimum” of a relationship.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the stories of Noah and the rainbow, of Abraham and Sarah, and Moses’ reception of the ten commandments are covenant stories in which God promises blessings for those who remain faithful.

In the New Testament, the greatest covenant is established at the Last Supper, where Christ gives himself to his followers in the Eucharist – a sacrifice that foreshadows his death on the cross for our redemption. In this New Covenant we become, united together, the Body of Christ.

The relationship between God and us, and between you and me, is so much deeper than a contractual obligation. It is the covenant privilege to be members of God’s family and beholding to each other.

St. Germaine School & Family Covenant

We invite each of our school families to enter into a covenant relationship with our school and our parish community. It is our hope that this relationship will be characterized by mutual care and generosity for the growth of all.

St. Germaine Parish and School pledge:

  • to provide opportunities for both the children and their families to grow in faith.
  • to offer an excellent educational program that provides the necessary fundamentals for student academic success.
  • to provide a school environment where children feel safe to learn and to enjoy growing into young adulthood.
  • to offer a parish subsidy to assist active parish families to provide their children with a Catholic School education.

As parents of Children in St. Germaine School our family pledges:

  • to worship with the parish community frequently.
  • to take an active part in the religious education of our children.
  • to financially support the mission and ministry of St. Germaine Parish.
  • to support the activities of our parish and school with our time and talent.
  • to live as the Body of Christ in St. Germaine parish.