St. Germaine is a school community which is:

  • united in fellowship with our parish community.
  • committed to nurturing and spreading the Good News of the Gospel, especially the values of tolerance and respect for individuals.
  • called to promote social justice according to Christ’s teachings through service to the parish and to the larger society of the world.

At St. Germaine School, our educational programs strive for academic excellence by:

  • sharing with the family the responsibility of fostering an active life of faith in the students.
  • Creating a safe, structured, Catholic environment for all.
  • providing opportunities in which the students are actively engaged in learning information and skills that will be of value in an ever-changing world.
  • developing thinking skills necessary for students to solve problems, reason, and analyze an ever-growing body of information.
  • encouraging students to access information and create products through the use of technology.
  • recognizing the learning potential of each student and realizing that children learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • building success in each student using authentic assessment that focuses on student skills and encourages honest self-evaluation.
  • helping each student to develop his or her own special gifts of integrity, pride, cooperation, and self-direction through perseverance.