School Goals 2019-2020

Each year, the faculty analyzes the data we receive from the ACT/ASPIRE test results and the EasyCBM universal “Response to Intervention” screening results. The analysis helps us to identify areas of strength and also areas for improvement in our school curriculum.

During the 2018-2019 school year, we identified several areas for improvement. In the Reading strand, we identified several items from the Office of Catholic Schools curriculum benchmarks. Integration of Knowledge and Ideas in the primary grades and Craft and Structure in the upper grades are receiving special instructional focus. In Mathematics, Fractions and Algebraic Thinking are topics of renewed instruction. In the upper grades, preparation for Algebra, which is the basis of the eight grade class take precedence. The Writing strand showed strong growth in students from Grades 5-8. Students in Grades 3 and 4 are receiving targeted instruction to help them improve their writing skills.

Specific sub-topics in these areas can be found on the St. Germaine Parent Portal or in the Continuous School Improvement document submitted to the AdvancEd accreditation team.:

A copy of our Archdiocese of Chicago “Continuous School Improvement Plan” which contains detailed strategies is available at the school office.