Sky Room

The Sky Room program, under the direction of our assistant principal, Mrs. Maureen Byrnes is an important part of learning at St. Germaine School. It is a place that reinforces, each day, our school goal of “perseverance” – of sticking to a task even when it is difficult.

The Sky Room program

  • Provides extra support/reinforcement in the areas of reading and mathematics
  • Offers enrichment activities for small groups of students in coordination with the classroom teacher
  • Administers Response to Intervention universal screenings for all students (September, January and May) to ensure that we are reaching all students with an appropriate curriculum
  • Monitors student progress using the RtI (Response to Intervention) framework
  • Assists teachers and parents by recommending various resources, interventions, and ideas for use in the classroom and at home
  • Encourages optional student participation in contests sponsored by the school or the Sky Room Program
  • Collaborates with the St. Xavier University Department of Education to mentor university education candidates

Our goal in the Sky Room is to empower students and to engage them in the learning process. We strive to help students achieve their potential and become partners in their own learning. We celebrate student effort and success. Our motto is “The Sky’s the Limit”. (The title of the program comes from our belief that all students can succeed and meet important learning goals. Sky Room = Successful Kids, Yes)