The athletic program at St. Germaine is a parish program.  Students from both the school and the religious education program are eligible to participate.

In the fall…

  • girls basketball
  • boys football
  • cheerleading

In the winter…

  • boys basketball
  • girls volleyball

In the spring…

At any time these programs may be changed, altered, added or subtracted as the need may arise.  The Athletic Association Board works in conjunction with the Pastor and Principal to coordinate this parish program. 

The educational impact of participating in a sports program is unique.  Participation in sports can:

  • Improve and educate for life-long health.
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promote higher academic performance.
  • Nurture the development of an inner sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Provide a bridge to unify different populations.
  • Contribute to the “sound body, sound mind”  philosophy so essential in the process.

A well-balanced physical education program should provide:

  • A program of physical education for all children.
  • Intramural sports programs in which children have an opportunity to practice and further refine the skills that they have learned in the physical education program.
  • An interscholastic sports program in which the main focus is on good sportsmanship through activities where skill development, teamwork, team achievement, and personal growth are emphasized.

Intramural and interscholastic activities compliment and enhance a school’s physical education program.  They are a natural extension of the school curriculum and provide a well-rounded physical education program.