In addition to the standard academic curriculum, St. Germaine provides students with several extensions to the academic curriculum:

Students participate in Physical Education classes two times each week. Activities are developmentally appropriate and include basic skills for major sports and other activities to foster teamwork and build coordination.

The Music class provides students with an opportunity to sing, explore music of various genres, and learn the basics of music notation. Students attend Music class once each week.

In addition to the work students do in their classrooms using technology, in Computer class, they learn the basic operations of several “applications” such as WORD, and EXCEL. They also learn techniques for engaging in the safe and ethical use of the internet. Students participate in Computer class in the school lab once each week. Our one-to-one chromebook initiative (Grades 5-8) provides students with frequent use of technology in their content area classes.

When students go to the school library once each week, they explore the materials that are available for them to read. They also are engaged in creating art projects and learning about famous artists and art styles.

Students in grades pre-school through 8 attend weekly Spanish Language classes.