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Chris Murphy – Class of 2000

I’m Chris Murphy, a 2000 graduate of St. Germaine, and I’ve been a newspaper journalist for nine years.

I’m currently a sports reporter at The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, which is the largest newspaper in North Dakota. It’s colder than you think.

The foundation of my work ethic came from my time at St. Germaine. Knowing when to work was instilled in me in grammar school and by my wonderful parents. But most importantly, I learned to question and wonder at St. Germaine. It’s why I ask questions. It’s why I believe it’s important no person, regardless of power, should be allowed to hide from the questions of the public.

I also learned at St. Germaine I didn’t have a future playing sports, so with those dreams crushed I could begin to think about other options.

The hope is to one day return home and ask the questions and report on the topics my friends and family care about.

P.S. I suppose now is a good time to come clean and say I cheated a lot in “Heads Up, Seven Up” at St. Germaine. I’m sorry, everyone.


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