Students applying for Pre-School must be 3 or 4 years old before September 1st.

Students applying for Kindergarten must be five years old before September 1st. Those entering First Grade must be 6 years old before September 1st.

While the school makes every attempt to meet individual student needs, special education programs and accommodations for students with severe learning difficulties are not available. Students residing within District 123 may be eligible for special services at District 123 schools. Families living outside the district boundaries must consult with their local school district to determine whether or not they are eligible for special services.

Students will be accepted based on the following priorities:

  • Children from families of registered, active parishioners
  • Children from families living within the parish boundaries but who are not registered in the parish
  • Children transferring from other Catholic schools
  • Children of non-parishioners

2021-2022 Supply List download here

Medical Forms due at the August Book Registration Day

    • Physical, dental and vision exams are mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education.  Students who are not in compliance with the requirement by may be excluded from school attendance by the State Board of Education.
    • Students in Kindergarten must present evidence of a professional vision exam, a physical exam (including immunization record), and a dental exam.
    • Students in First Grade must present evidence of a vision exam if they have not already done so.
    • Students in Second Grade must present evidence of a dental exam.  A physical exam is not required for second grade.
    • Students in Sixth Grade must present evidence of a physical exam (including immunization record), and a dental exam.

The forms are available at the school office or can be downloaded from the list below.  We ask that all forms be returned to school on the August Book Day.

Child Heath Examination Form

Dental Exam Proof

Eye Exam Report

Please contact the school office for any further questions about the Procedure or Requirements to attend St. Germaine School.

St. Germaine School reserves the right to require preliminary testing or to admit a student on a probationary basis.