500 Club

St. Germaine has kicked off a new fundraising campaign, The St. Germaine 500 Club. We are asking you to join The St. Germaine 500 Club. We are looking for 500 people to contribute $500.00 annually for 5 years. If you cannot commit to $500.00 annually for 5 years but can contribute a lesser amount and/or a shorter time frame we still gladly welcome your generosity.

We have several ways which you can help. You can donate by check or Give Central which allows you to have automatic payments set up through your credit card or bank account. If you could donate just $10.00 per week through Give Central you could be one of those 500 people contributing $500 per year. If you contribute by check, please send the check with a pledge card. Pledge cards are available in the church, school office or Parish Center or download here.

To sign up for Give Central please go here to the St. Germaine 500 club Give Central page.

It is very important that you understand that 100% of the donations to The St. Germaine 500 Club go directly to the educational ministries of St. Germaine.  The Archdiocese of Chicago will not receive any of the proceeds from this campaign.

St. Germaine School

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We are located approximately 2.5 blocks south of 95th street between Cicero Ave and Pulaski Ave. For more specific driving directions from your location, click here.