The Hurley Family

Sarah, Tricia, Joe, and Sheila Hurley are all proud St. Germaine alumni. Sarah (‘97) is married to St. Germaine alum Jim Ruzich (’94). Their three children Brooke (4th grade), Molly (3rd grade), and Patrick (preschool) currently attend St. Germaine.

Tricia (‘99) is married to her husband Travis Van Huisen and has two children, Lucy and Tessa. The Van Huisens live in the parish and are proud supporters of St. Germaine.

Joe Hurley (‘01) is married to his wife, Colleen. They have two children as well, Grace and Liam, and are expecting their third! The Hurleys attend multiple St. Germaine events throughout the year. Currently, they are in the process of building a house in Frankfort.

Sheila (‘03) lives in the parish and is engaged to Dan Wood. They plan to have Fr. Malloy marry them this February at St. Germaine.

The Hurleys are all very grateful for the sense of community and family the parish of St. Germaine has provided them.

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