Lauren Jordan (Sundermeier) – Class of 2001

After graduating St. Germaine in 2001 and Mother McAuley in 2005, I headed to Wisconsin where I attended Carthage College (09’ grad). While attending Carthage College, I served on the Executive Board of Colleges Against Cancer, Alpha Chi Omega (Sorority), and Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honors Fraternity). Graduating with a degree in Communications, I moved to Houston where I worked for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The Avon Walk was a 39.3 mile walk over the course of two days (a BIG thank you to Ms. Zofkie who told me about the Avon Walks). During my time working for the organization, I helped raise over $15 million dollars in the fight against breast cancer.

St. Germaine holds a very special place in my heart, primarily for the teachers and the community that surround it. I have never met teachers as dedicated to their students than those at St. Germaine. Whether it was coming before school or staying after school, teachers were always available to help you when you were struggling with assignments. The skills I learned at St. Germaine helped me not only throughout my education but in my everyday life. The community of St. Germaine is also a very unique one. During times of hardships, the community rallied around our family and helped us whenever we needed a helping hand. I am beyond grateful for every person that helped my siblings and I as we were growing up.

I am now married to Brett, who is a Texan, and we welcomed our daughter, Molly, this past February. I look forward to bringing Molly up with a Catholic education and hope we are as lucky as my family was in finding a school like St. Germaine down here in Houston.

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