Nick Villaseñor – Class of 2000

I graduated from St. Germaine School in 2000 and have great memories of my time there. As I look back, it was truly the foundation for my love of lifelong learning. From St. Germaine, I went on to Brother Rice High School and then to Marquette University and later St. Xavier University and Loyola University for postgraduate degrees. My career took many twists and turns. I started as a legal assistant, spent a short time as a teacher (where I learned to appreciate the hard work that is teaching grammar school kids), and worked for a few years for the city’s Head Start programs. Now I work for my family’s food business here in Chicago. However, I can truly attribute much of my academic and career successes to the basic building blocks of hard work and perseverance that so many fantastic teachers instilled in me at St. Germaine.

My wife and I value Catholic education.  When we started a family, we chose to live in St. Germaine Parish not far from where we grew up so we could send our kids there. In just a few months my oldest son, Nicholas, will begin pre-school at St. Germaine and I’m excited for him to start down his path of self-discovery and education.

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