Daniel Omastiak – Class of 2004

After graduating St. Germaine in ’04 and Brother Rice in ’08, I drove off West…to St. Louis, MO where I attended Saint Louis University (’12 grad). While at SLU, I was an active member of the student body particularly in the business school service leadership program. As a senior, I was a nominee for the Father Paul Reinert, S.J., Service Award. As a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon I served on executive board. Now, I utilize my passion for community and team building as a member of the Chicago Dance Marathon which raises money to support the efforts at Lurie Children’s Hospital. I serve on the Leadership Board, heading up business development and corporate outreach programs (this year we raised $450,000!).

I am currently living downtown Chicago in the Gold Coast, near the lake where I enjoy jogging. Food is a big part of my life – I am always on the hunt for a great restaurant (try Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park – although it is no Palermo’s 95th!). Food is always on my mind, professionally, I sell advertising for the Food Network where I talk food all day long.  While hot lunch in the St. Germaine lunchroom didn’t exactly spark my passion for food, our wonderful school has had an astounding effect on my life in so many ways. I met my closest lifelong friends in three-year old pre-school and have gone through a lot together, with much more to come. While I am sure my teachers did not always appreciate me distracting classmates, St. Germaine is where I learned that compassion for others is always important and that a sense of humor can go a long way in personal and professional life. I want to thank all my teachers for never coming down on me too hard, making sure I always learned my lesson while allowing me the freedom to grow – don’t worry, when I was not paying attention it was always about making someone else smile!

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