Alumni assist with Passion Play 2018

St. Germaine fosters a strong sense of community with our students who often come back to share their talents!  This year 17 alumni assisted with Passion Play, which was a resounding success!!

Thank you for your contributions!!

Angie Pacetti ‘00

Monique Villasenor ‘01

Kari Yunker ‘01

Kyle Dunleavy ‘02

MacKenzie Koss ‘14

Luke Swiatek ‘14

Jack Zampillo ‘14

Kiara Bowes ‘14

Caroline Hawkshaw ‘15

Mike LaBella ‘15

Isabel Martinez ‘15

Grace White ‘15

Tom Gleeson ‘15

Nate Rahn ‘16

Meaghan Bowes ‘17

Jill Gleeson ‘17

John Paul Koss ‘17

Alysse Urbaniak ‘17


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