Blended Learning Programs


Mathletics is an international, award winning online math learning platform utilized by all the students of St. Germaine (K-8) to support the curriculum work being accomplished at school. The program is highly engaging and has resulted in huge popularity among the students and teachers alike. In fact, Mathletics participation last year resulted in over 3,000 additional hours of math practice for our students and the additional practice has resulted in improved progress and increased independent learning.

Other Platforms

In addition to the Mathletics program, teachers are using a number of platforms to enhance student learning, both in the classroom and at home. Each platform has specific benefits for students. Teachers have the opportunity to choose items that best fit the needs of their students.

Khan Academy is a highly respected site that specializes in mathematics lessons and practice. The Khan Academy motto is “You Can Learn Anything.” It connects quite well to our school theme of perseverence and pride in work.

LearnZillion is a platform with a wealth of “tutorials” for students in all grade levels. The animated video lessons include reading skills, math skills, and some sophisticated writing lessons designed to increase student writing skills.

PowerMyLearning allows teachers to create simple “playlists” for activities, video games, and assessments. The format is easy for younger students to navigate and provides a vast set of resources that students can use, even if not assigned by the teacher.

Gooru is a platform similar to Power My Learning that focuses on activities for older students.

Discovery Education is a library of instruction video material that covers a wide variety of topics from across the curriculum. It is especially valuable for supplementing social studies and science topics.


Students of St. Germaine School have access to each of these platforms. Activities are selected by the teachers to review, re-teach, or extend the content taught in the classroom. Students and their families are encouraged to access the sites at home.