Our Teachers

teachers-melissa-moranI am a mother, wife and teacher (not always in that order!) My family belongs to St. Germaine Parish and our three children, Jake, Jack and Laney have all been blessed with a St. Germaine education.  The twins graduated as Valedictorian and Salutatorian of their high school class and are currently sophomores at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Laney is in her sophomore year of high school and is doing great.  My husband, Marty, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

I am a two time graduate of St. Xavier University; once for my bachelor’s degree and again for my master’s degree.  I have taught many different grade levels: high school, junior high, first, kindergarten and preschool.  I look forward to this year’s opportunity to begin my 12th year at St. Germaine and my 8th year in preschool.  I can’t wait to watch my preschool students explore, learn, and grow this year!


teachers-michelle-chesniakMy family has belonged to St. Germaine Parish since 1999. We have three children: one currently at St. Germaine and two attending Marist High School.  I hold two bachelor degrees from Governors State University.  I have professional experience as a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant and have taught first and third grade in the past.  I began as a pre-school aide and have been teaching pre-school at St. Germaine.


teachers-margaret-donnellyI graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. I received a master’s degree in Reading from St. Xavier University. Three of my children graduated from St. Germaine, and my youngest is in sixth grade here this year. I began at St. Germaine as the Librarian and Art teacher. In the past five years I taught first, second, fifth and sixth social studies and fourth grade science. This year will be my 2nd year teaching kindergarten.


I am extremely excited to be back at St. Germaine.  Being a teacher has been a rewarding adventure.  I graduated from Western Illinois with a major in elementary education with a concentration in reading and language arts.  My main goal is to instill a love of learning in my students.


teachers-darlene-cebuharI received a bachelor’s degree in education from Illinois State University. I’ve completed graduate classes in Couseling and Psychology. I began teaching at St. Germaine in 1995. I love working with second graders as they prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.


teachers-mary-callanI graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in education. I am married with four children who graduated from St. Germaine. I speak fluent Polish and am proud of my heritage. I have been teaching at St. Germaine for 20 years. This year I am working with the third grade class.


teachers-carol-zofkieI am a graduate of Illinois State University and hold a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. I love to read and travel to new places! Over the past 29 years I have taught first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. I am currently teaching fourth grade. The parish motto, “Family of St. Germaine” is truly an accurate description. I love that we are one big extended family here!



I have been the science teacher at St. Germaine for the past 14 years.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in biology from Trinity Christian College.  I also have endorsements in general science, language arts, and social studies.  I am very happy to be at St. Germaine School with such a great staff and students. 


teachers-margaret-kinsellaI have been a teacher at St. Germaine for 32 years. I have a master’s degree in math from Governors’ State University, and a bachelor’s degree from St. Ambrose College. St. Germaine is like a family to me and I can’t think of a better place to be.


teachers-cathy-kureyI attended DePaul and Northern Illinois University where I received degrees in elementary education and special education. I have been teaching in the Archdiocese of Chicago for 35 years! I have taught in grades 4 to 8, but have been a junior high teacher for over 25 years. I love spending my time with seventh and eighth graders. Their energy and humor makes my job so fun and interesting! I have been bless to have been teaching at St. Germaine School for the past twelve years. The staff, faculty and students are the BEST!


teachers-sandy-urbaniakI have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Xavier University. I am the school librarian and also teach art to the fifth to eighth graders. My family has belonged to St. Germaine Parish for seven years. Two of my children have graduated St. Germaine and I have one child attending St. Germaine.


I am very excited to join the St. Germaine family!

I have a BA in education from St. Mary’s University and a MA in school counseling from Concordia University.

This is my 26th year as a teacher and I am looking forward to working with all of the students at St. Germaine.


I have taught music at St. Germaine for sixteen years. I enjoy helping students to learn about music and to appreciate its many forms.


teachers-claudia-ephraimI have a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University. This will be my 20th year teaching at St. Germaine.  I am so fortunate to have a wonderful facility to teach the children.  A beautiful gymnasium and great outdoor environment!


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and social work. I have an extensive background in education, teaching elementary and high school Spanish and English as a Second Language to adults. I was able to stay home and raise my four children and happily returned to teaching last year. It has been my pleasure to teach your children another language and watch them learn so much in a little amount of time.


I’ve been the principal at St. Germaine School for over Twenty years! During that time, our school community has grown and discovered new and interesting ways to learn. I’m very proud of our students and how hard they work. I earned my bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois (Chicago), and my master’s degree in administration and curriculum from St. Xavier University. I taught junior high math for 15 years and worked as a director of religious education for twelve years.


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