St. Germaine is a school community

  • united in fellowship with our parish community.
  • committed to nurturing and spreading the Good News of the Gospel, especially the values of tolerance, and respect for individuals.
  • called to witness Christ’s teachings through service to the parish and to the larger society.

Vision for the Future

We will share with the family the responsibility of fostering an active life of faith in the students by

  • providing a comprehensive religious education curriculum offering students opportunities to participate in liturgy and in service to others.
  • encouraging participation as families in school Masses and prayer services as well as the parish celebration of the Eucharist.
  • exploring Catholic morality and its implications for the students.

We will help students to develop a wider view of their role in the larger Church and world by

  • providing curricular and “real-life” experiences that reflect cultural and racial diversity and encourage acceptance of all peoples.
  • enhancing our relationship with our archdiocesan “sharing parish.”

We will create a safe, structured, Catholic environment for students by

  • continuing to include a wide variety of religious symbols and displays throughout the school.
  • presenting our Catholic Identity, with its rich variety, as an integral part of who we are as a school.
  • modeling Christian behavior and Gospel values in our relationships with one another.
  • continuing to maintain the school building in clean, good repair and to secure it using quality safety measures.

We will provide students with opportunities to learn information and skills that will be of value in an ever-changing world by

  • helping students to see the relevance of what they learn in terms of their future lives and careers by encouraging the integration of curricular areas.
  • making application to real life so that students recognize the interdependence of what they learn and how they live.

We will help students to develop the skills necessary to be problem solvers; to reason and analyze a growing body of information by

  • providing a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know and to work cooperatively.
  • including the challenge of higher level thinking and careful reasoning at each grade level.

We will encourage students to access information and create products through the use of technology by

  • helping students to understand that technology can place them in touch with a world wide body of knowledge.
  • providing students with age-appropriate opportunities to become proficient in the creative use of technology to express themselves.

We will help each student to actively develop his or her own special gifts with integrity, pride, cooperation and self-direction by

  • planning lessons and providing opportunities that allow students to use their multiple intelligences to enhance their own learning styles.
  • using multiple forms of instruction and assessment that are adapted to the needs of the students.
  • providing students with models and strategies for honest evaluation of their own work while offering positive reinforcement for their accomplishments.