Sister Mary Paul McCaughey , the Archdiocese of Chicago Superintendent of Schools, has suggested three areas of focus for school this year.

Goal 1: To support and enrich the teaching of religion at all grade levels.

  • We will continue to encourage students to make life-long commitments to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The majority of the teachers are already certified as Catechists by the Office of Catholic Schools.  Those teachers who have not completed the certification process will add at least one of the courses required to complete their certification.
  • We will devote professional development time to providing an approved in-service that will help certified teacher/catechists to meet the requirements for recertification.
  • We will continue to provide weekly Liturgies of the Word which will prepare students for the Sunday lectionary readings.
  • Students in each grade level attend the parish 8:30 Mass on a rotating schedule.

Goal 2: To examine curricular practices in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics in anticipation of the move toward Common Core State Standards

  • We will continue to compile individual student longitudinal data from the Terra Nova testing to better differentiate learning to meet student needs.
  • We will use one of the initial in-service Faculty Days to examine the Terra Nova data, along with individual longitudinal data, to identify any areas of difficulty both in the curriculum and individual students.
  • We will continue to use a system of universal screening in reading and mathematics for all students in Grades K-8 using the EasyCBM materials from the University of Oregon at Eugene.  The data will help us to identify struggling readings and tailor   additional resource help for those students. More frequent individual “progress monitoring” will help us to track progress of students who are experiencing difficulty.
  • We will continue to use the Read Naturally program for struggling readers in Grades 1-4.  The program focuses on increasing fluency through modeling and repeated reading by the student.
  • We will continue to sponsor students from St. Xavier University, Chicago, in completing their required clinical experiences.  These university students work with St. Germaine students our SKYROOM  (Successful Kids, Yes).
  • We will use professional growth opportunities to increase our knowledge of the Common Core State Standards and begin to insure alignment of our local curriculum with these national standards.

Goal 3: To stabilize, then grow enrollment.

  • We will explore with the School Board, ways to publicize the school, using resources from the Office of Catholic Schools. We will implement features from the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Parent Ambassador program to assist in these marketing and recruitment efforts.
  • We will explore ways to update the school website, adding photos/video of current events.  Students in our seventh and eighth grade will form a Yearbook Committee to help teachers maintain current photos on their grade level page of the website.
  • We will continue to submit articles/photos to local media to highlight our school’s achievement.